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Safe and protected environment to share and sell

1) we do a verification of users - a person can request additional screening for addition cost.

2) you have a complete audit log of your history and your interactions

3) A site that allows for you to control the sale or purchase of products

4) Assistance can be requested from ArtistArmor team or a subscribing Agency

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Meet or work with new/existing people

ArtistArmor enables you to meet and chat with creators or business folks in a controlled environment

Everything is documented and available to you.

You can share files in a private manner or sell them. You can discuss a deal and then save it on your computer.

*You can request the contact details of somebody if you like to know and the other person approves. (ArtistArmor can’t assist with anything that occurs outside of the site).

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Control your content!

You have the ability to allow for downloads, shares, sales, streams.

Its your work and you should be protected and in control!