ArtistArmor Registration is a US-BASED company. All transactions are in USD.

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Safe and protected environment to share and sell

1) Verified User Authentication - Individuals can opt for supplementary screening at an extra charge.

2) Comprehensive Audit Trail - Access a detailed history and record of all your interactions.

3) Empowerment in Buying and Selling - Exercise full control over the process of purchasing or selling items.

4) Support and Aid from ArtistArmor Team or Affiliated Subscribing Agency.

Meet or work with new/existing people

ArtistArmor enables you to meet and chat with creators or business folks in a controlled environment

Everything is documented and available to you.

You can share files in a private manner or sell them. You can discuss a deal and then save it on your computer.

*You can request the contact details of somebody if you like to know and the other person approves. (ArtistArmor can’t assist with anything that occurs outside of the site).

Control your content!

You have the ability to allow for downloads, shares, sales, streams.

Its your work and you should be protected and in control!